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The Young Review, chaired by Baroness Young of Hornsey, with the support of the Black Training and Enterprise Group (BTEG) and Clinks, is working with government to improve outcomes for young black and Muslim men in the criminal justice system in England and Wales.


• After a successful recruitment drive, the membership of the Young Review's Independent Advisory Group has been finalised. They bring the expertise and experience that will support government to tackle the disproportionate over-representation of young black and/or Muslim men in the justice system. The group will drive forward the Young Review until 2019.

• The Young Review is pleased to announce the appointment of our Advocate Dale Simon who will work closely with Baroness Young and the team to ensure high level engagement across government with the Young Review’s recommendations.

• We are delighted that the Prime Minister has announced a review of racial bias and over representation of BAME individuals in the criminal justice system, to be led by David Lammy MP. We look forward to working with David Lammy and his team.